What is Central Committee?

The Central Committee is the full governing body of the Democratic Party of Orange County. Members are elected in presidential years during the March primary by Assembly District. Central Committee members are also appointed if they are the Democratic nominee for state/federal partisan office or state/national Party leaders.

Assembly District 73 contains the cities of Costa Mesa, Tustin, and Irvine and elects six candidates to the central committee on March 5th, to serve out their four-year term at the start of 2025.

The Central Committee's most important function is interviewing and endorsing candidates in local, non-partisan contests. In a contest with multiple Democratic-leaning candidates, the candidate with the endorsement of the county party is the most likely to win.

The Central Committee's job is an important one and I am proud to be associated with a slate of candidates that want to ensure that the county party endorses qualified individuals of integrity to run our local and county governments. I humbly ask you for your vote on March 5th, and for you to vote for central committee candidates Branda Lin, Mari Fuji, Youssef Kaddeche, and Doug Elliot.  We are all dedicated to ensuring the Democratic Party of Orange County can be the best party it can be and hope to have your vote on or before March 5th.